Technology and tradition

Technology and tradition

One of the bases of our philosophy is our firm commitment to the application of the most advanced technology at the service of innovation and manufacturing.

Thanks to our production system, with more than 70% of the machinery developed by our innovation and R&D department, as well as the fully automated filling stations, the status of each production stage is controlled in real time, from the start of the process to the dispatch of the product, thus favouring agility, speed and safety in customer service.

We take care of every aspect and every step of the production process to produce the best down duvets and pillows.

Efficient processing

Just as important as the selection of the down at source is the correct treatment of the down. To this end, the feather and down are subjected to an exhaustive process of sanitisation, which ensures that they are perfectly suitable to use as filling.

Safe procurement

Only with reliable suppliers who guarantee a consistent, homogeneous and constant quality supply, it is possible to provide products with the best properties and of the highest quality. Our approved European suppliers guarantee the efficiency and safety of our raw materials, allowing us to have full control over traceability.

Constant control

All our efforts to offer the highest quality must be confirmed by continuous controls at every stage of the production process.

In our integrated laboratory, materials are subjected to different tests to verify their quality.

Technology and tradition

Our R&D department strives every day to improve and optimise each stage of the production process. This constant concern for innovation, combined with processes that, to this day, continue to be artisan, provide unique products and guaranteed quality.