Raw material

Selection in the essence

The selection of the best natural raw materials and careful craftsmanship are our essence and our commitment.

In order to obtain a product of excellent quality, a correct selection of raw materials is the key. Our team, formed by people with long experience in the feather world, selects the best raw materials, ensuring high quality standards, which grant our products with unique characteristics.

From our innovation laboratory we continuously experiment with new fabrics, fillings, designs and finishes with the sole purpose of evolving and providing our customers with the best down duvets and pillows on the market.


The quality of a duvet or pillow is not only defined by the inner filling, but the fabric is also a determining factor for a complete experience. Only with high quality fabrics is it possible to obtain the best down product.

For our fillings we only use the best quality fabrics, safe and resistant, extremely soft and pleasant thanks to its peach touch finish.

Fabrics with high moisture absorption and elimination capacity promote a dry and healthy environment. This characteristic, together with a high thread density, ensures an effective natural barrier against dust mites.

To ensure that down or feathers do not penetrate, it is necessary to use fabrics with a high thread density, and also to provide a correct down proof finish to ensure this.

We select 100% long fibre cotton, as well as different blends of cotton with Lyocell and natural silk.

Research and development of new alternatives also allow us to offer technical fabrics such as MicroCotton®, a state-of-the-art fabric that is light, soft and breathable.

All our fabrics are suitable for dust allergy sufferers and are OEKO-TEX® environmentally certified.


No other material is comparable to down as a filling, its qualities are unique and so exceptional that they make it the lightest and most effective natural insulator in existence. The behaviour of its tiny filaments forming perfect air chambers, are able to effectively regulate temperature throughout the night, providing a pleasant and incomparable comfort.

But not all downs are the same, the best down is the one with the largest volume, the larger the down flake, the greater the volume and the more air chambers will form between them. This means that the larger the size of the down, the less quantity is needed to achieve a certain volume in the quilt and therefore, the less weight. Between two quilts that have a similar volume, the one that weighs less is the one of higher quality. The origin of the down is also a determining factor in quality; the best are those from Europe and Canada. On the other hand, down from Asia is much smaller and heavier, offering lower fill power values.

To obtain the best result, and because not all products require the same type of down, we select and combine different qualities according to their size, fill power and origin. Ferdown selects down mainly from France, Poland and Hungary, as well as exclusive down from Siberia and Canada.

A good comforter should be filled with down, not feather. The feather, however, is an effective material for providing support to pillows and toppers that need a balanced firmness that feather offers effectively thanks to its elasticity and impeccable resilience.


The applied techniques and finishes are details that add quality and differentiation to our products. The careful handcrafted process of manufacturing and finishing of our products, together with the quality of the raw materials, make the difference.

Double stitching with piping, external baffle, kassetten system with internal baffles to achieve maximum volume and insulation, as well as velvety finishes on the fabrics, are key in the final result of the product.

Our exclusive anti-displacement kassetten manufacturing system ensures a perfect distribution of the inner filling throughout the duvet’s useful life.