Long duration
Kassetten padding

Considered one of the coldest areas on Earth, the down developed by geese in Siberia is large in size and volume, providing one of the highest levels of fill power and maximum insulation with minimum weight. Production of this down is limited. The Baikal model is made of a fine cotton batiste that enhances the qualities of this down duvet.

Filling: 100% Siberian Goose Down

Fabric: 100% Cotton Nano Batiste white 350 threads

Fill Power: 850 cuin

Construction: Kassetten System 100 g/m2 | Double stitching around the edges

Available grammage:

100 g/m2 | Other grammage under request


Bed 90 cm 150 x 220 cm
Bed 105 cm 180 x 220 cm
Bed 135 cm 220 x 220 cm
Bed 150 cm 240 x 220 cm
Bed 180 cm 260 x 240 cm
Bed 200 cm 280 x 240 cm

Other sizes under request

ClimateInfo: This chart shows the recommended grammage depending on the climate in which the duvet will be used. For cold temperatures the grammage should be higher. This is purely indicative information as the choice of the grammage must consider the temperature of the bedroom and the type of person who is going to use it.

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